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NCAA Tournament Day 2 Predictions


Welp, day 1 is in the books and the lure of March Madness is in full effect. An almost historical upset highlighted the action yesterday between Southern University and Gonzaga, coming down to the final 30 seconds. Hopefully you all have better looking brackets than I, as I went a measly 10/16 in my picks. You can read the recap here.

But now to focus on day 2, here is what I am looking for and the outcomes I predict:

#2 Duke vs. #15 Albany New York – 12:15

This I think could be a very entertaining first half of basketball. Albany plays at a snails pace and loves to try and grind down their opponents with very low scoring slug fests. A team like that is always dangerous. Duke though just seems to be too much in the end. A team that in the infancy of the season rattled off wins against (then ranked) #3 Kentucky, #2 Louisville and #4 Ohio State. Injuries set the Dukies back in the mid-season but since regaining their starting lineup they’re undefeated. Mason Plumlee I expect takes over in the second half. Duke

#5 Wisconsin vs. #12 Ole Miss – 12:40

Wisconsin, the step sister of the Big Ten’s power 4, has been the laughing stock of the league in the later half of the season for their atrocious shooting numbers. The Badgers though gained back some much deserved respect in their run through the Big Ten Tournament beating #1 Indiana and keeping it close in the championship game with Ohio State. Ole Miss on the other hand is baffling to me. No one can deny their own hot streak through the SEC Tournament beating Missouri, Vanderbilt and Florida. But for all their recent glory, they have some iffy losses. Dictated tempo is the key to this game. If it’s a track meet, I like the Rebels. If it’s a slow paced defensive game, I like Wisconsin. Wisconsin

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